Alberto Castagna, do you remember your daughter Carolina? Here’s how it is today

Do you remember the daughter of the presenter Alberto Castagna? She is really a beautiful woman today, that’s how she is today.

Alberto Catagna was one of the leading TV presenters of the nineties with several years of career behind him, especially in journalism but he is with the program Strangelove which has gone down in history. Alberto Catagna was a great journalist who then moved on to the world of television. For those who don’t know his career began in 1982 when he was chosen to work in Rai where he was entrusted with the role of reporter and later as a special correspondent for the TG. Since then his name has started to appear in countless programs.

With the success achieved he began to meet various people who are still important in this field today. Moreover, after many years, he even met what then seemed to him the woman in his life. With whom he subsequently married. From their love a daughter was born, who stole the show and obviously the father’s heart.

Unfortunately, his marriage ended rather soon, in fact after only a year the two separated due to a betrayal. Today the fruit of this short love is became a woman, beautiful and extremely talented just like her parents. So let’s see in detail how she has become today and what she does in her private and professional life.

How is the daughter of Alberto Castagna today

Perhaps few know the story of Alberto Castagna’s daughter. As already said, with the passing of the years the man he completely lost his head for a woman who was a dermatologist by trade. It was about Maria Concetta Romano, with whom he got married in 1994 after years of relationship. The two had a daughter named Carolinaborn two years before their marriage.

Carolina, however, lived a very special childhood if we think about the fact that just one year after her parents did they decided to separate due to the betrayal of the tenant Castagna himself. Who entered into an extramarital affair with the famous colleague Francesca Rettondini.

Subsequently the two approached again due to the terrible disease that struck him and which led to his premature death, even if he subsequently embarked on a new story with Francesca Rettondini herself.

The daughter, the fruit of this love, Carolina remained for many years away from the spotlight who enlightened his father and to this day he has decided to pursue a completely different career from that of his father. In fact, she continued her studies and graduated in medicine. Today she is a spectacular biographer and still lives in Rome.