Anna Tatangelo, possible return of the flame with Livio Cori? What is going on

The busy love life of Sora’s singer seems to never end! After the end of her long love affair with Gigi D’Alessio, she slowly rebuilt a life with the young Livio Cori but then the two said goodbye. But now it seems that there may be a flashback? It’s really like this? How are things really?

Anna Tatangelo and Livio Cori, both singers, they met thanks to their work and love between them blossomed in all its glory. He gave them as well the ring that she has shown so happy and very excited about Social. But then they closed and the news of their breakup left everyone speechless. However now we are talking about a possible backfire

Anna Tatangelo And Livio Cori, but is it really over between them?

Anna Tatangelo And Livio Cori they were undoubtedly one of the couples of the moment until a few days ago. The two met in 2019, when both were competitors competing in Sanremo. But the spark only struck two years later, as soon as the, let’s say, slightly subsided Covid, when they met again in the recording room.

And from that moment – apparently – they have never separated. And so the singer of Sora had decided to officially decree the end of his long love affair with Gigi D’Alessio.

A bond that of Anna with the beautiful Livio which made us think that they were very close and united. And the photos on Social they have always amply confirmed this.

But then, came the cold shower: the two broke up… Is it really over between them, or not? The indiscretions …

She has deleted all the photos of the couple from the social networks but continues to “follow him” …

The end of the relationship between Anna and Livio is fresh fresh news. A sentimental breakup theirs which left the fans somewhat dumbfounded and who wondered from the beginning what had happened between the two.

The most recurring item and put around by the weekly Today wants that between the two the story ended because of the past considered cumbersome and uncomfortable for the woman.

News that somehow denied the Neapolitan rapper by inviting fans not to believe all that it is said publicly. But, as the weekly did emerge Diva and Donnathings could be different from what many people assume.

If on the one hand it is true that Sora’s singer he decided to make all the couple photos on him disappear in no time at all Socialon the other hand there is also to say that she not only has not blocked him from Instagram but also keep following him! What game is he playing?

Fans are hoping for a flashback …

A clue– of course – which bodes well for all the fans of the couple who wish from the bottom of their hearts that between them there could be a nice flashback. It is possible – perhaps – that the two of us had a particularly complicated period e who therefore have decided to get away for a while.

In short, there was a surge but now it may well be that the crisis has been overcome. But at the moment these these are all assumptions because neither of us wanted to open their mouths about it …