Barbara Palombelli, upset marriage: ‘We live apart’

Barbara Palombelli lives in the house as if it were separated from her husband Francesco Rutelli. Here is the statement that you have blown everyone away.

Barbara Palombelli live –

One of the most prominent conductors on the Mediaset is Barbara Palombelli who has been conducting the television program for many years Forum that every day stages discussions and debates that are resolved thanks to the decision of one of the judges of the program.

Barbara Palombelli and the separation from Francesco Rutelli

Over the years, the presenter has expressed herself in a not entirely positive way towards some topics that have been dealt with in the broadcast, arousing much dismay from the public.

Despite this, however, the woman continued to make her decision, stating that she was always sincere and that she could not help but have her say, even if at times some utterances may be in contrast with those of the public.

Born in 1953, she began working as a journalist at the Room F from Rai Radio 1 and then became an editor and journalist at The European and subsequently work on behalf of Indro Montanelli up The newspaper then move to Panorama where a collaboration that lasted a few years begins.

Barbara Palombelli lives as a separate house
Barbara Palombelli –

Start appearing on television after working for The Corriere della Serabecoming sent in the transmission Sunday In where he later holds the role of columnist, the same obtained within Fourth Degree.

In 2013 she was chosen as a replacement for Rita Dalla Chiesa in the TV show Forum and in 2018 she was promoted to run the program Italy tonight.

The woman is married to the former mayor of Rome, Francesco Rutelli and the two have over two biological children including two adopted children Serena Rutelli former competitor of the sixteenth edition of Big Brother won by Martina Nasoni.

Barbara Palombelli
Barbara Palombelli –

The truth about the love story

In an interview with very true, Francesco Rutelli And Barbara Palombelli they declared that their story goes on because of living in the house as if they were separated by looking for private spaces inside their home.

In particular, the two try to avoid each other when the derby between the Rome and the Lazio given that the former mayor of the capital is a fan of the Giallorossi team while the presenter is a biancoceleste fan and therefore they try not to watch the game together to avoid discussions.

Barbara Palombelli lives as a separate house
Francesco Rutelli and Barbara Palombelli –

The two have been married for 40 years, having been married in 1982 and they seem to get along in love also thanks to this decision to live without invading each other’s privacy but sharing moments and spaces together with the right amount.