Belen Rodriguez, the fight against the serious disease: “They gave her 4 months to live”

The private life of Belen Rodriguez is now in the public domain: if many know his sentimental vicissitudes, few focus on the most painful aspects. To reveal one in particular was the Argentine showgirl, who she couldn’t hold back her tears.

In Italy since she was very young, Belen managed to have her entire family transferred to the Bel Paese. Very close to her parents, Gustavo and Veronica, and to her brothers Jeremias and Cecilia, Rodriguez has always told with great emotion the childhood spent in Argentina and the deep bond with grandparents, especially maternal ones.

In fact, after abandoning her country of origin, Belen rolled up her sleeves to be able to give her family an economic sustenance and, with the first money earned in Italy, she decided to pay for chemotherapy to his beloved maternal grandmother. The disease that struck the latter was a bad blow for the showgirl who, through tears, she talked about it for the first time during a guest at C’e Posta per te.

Belen Rodriguez remembers her beloved grandmother

Protagonist of a surprise for a girl in the studio who, like her, has experienced the pain of losing a loved one due to cancer, Belen told her drama for the first time.

Remembering her beloved maternal grandmother, who died following a tumor that gave her a few days to live, Rodriguez has decided to reveal a completely unknown – and truly dramatic – background to her existence in the early evening.

“I’ll tell you something I’ve never said in public, on television, at least – he began -. When I was 18 my grandmother got cancer. Very serious. They gave her 4 months to live ”.

Belen’s eyes filled with tears: “She was very important to me, she raised me, she gave me love and I look a lot like her”.

“The world collapsed on me but instead of starting to cry, I came to Italy and thanks to the first money I earned I paid for chemotherapy for my grandmother”, She added, demonstrating how important Belen’s work in Italy was for all Rodriguezs.

Belen Rodriguez, no relationship with her paternal grandmother

If the bond with the maternal grandmother was very deep, the same cannot be said of the paternal one: the only one alive, but with whom none of the Rodriguez have more contact.

To reveal this new background on the private life of the showgirl it was she who, as a guest of Silvia Toffanin at Verissimo together with her sister Cecilia, spoke about this family “drama”.

“It’s not a good story and I’ve never actually told it because I hate telling sad things on television – explained Belen -. I think that the family is not trivially a blood bond but must be cultivated every day and unfortunately if one does not dedicate himself to the children, the grandchildren then the bill comes back to you and this she has never done “.

She is still alive but the truth is we don’t hear her – he concluded -. On the other hand, Cecilia is very distressed by the subject… things have happened that I am not going to tell and that’s okay for me “.