Big Brother Vip, ex gieffina comments on the break between Manuel and Lulu and on Barù he reveals: “I blocked him on social networks”

Nathaly Caldonazzo freewheeling on Manuel Bortuzzo, Lulù Selassié and Barù after the Big Brother Vip.

Nathaly Caldonazzo was one of the protagonists of the sixth edition of Big Brother Vip. Guest in the radio program Non Happen More broadcast on Radio Radio, the former gieffina took the opportunity to tell her about break between Manuel Bortuzzo and Lulù Selassié and reveal some background on his relationship with Barù.

The new revelations of Nathaly Caldonazzo after the Gf Vip

There end of the relationship between Manuel and Lulu continues to be at the center of the gossip. To comment on the break between the two former competitors of the sixth edition of Big Brother Vip also Nathaly. Interviewed by Giada Di Miceli, the former controversial gieffina confessed to being blown away by the news:

I was quite stunned because living inside the house I had seen two guys really in love. I was very upset. I am also seeing Lulu’s suffering because I see that he suffers a lot. We wrote each other, unfortunately Lulu and I didn’t leave each other very well. But there is, it is difficult to live together. Unfortunately, social networks are full of haters, they are two young guys and all that become famous because they are together and I understand that many people can annoy them. On the other hand, when I see a beautiful couple who love each other, I am happy. There were all the conditions between them, I saw them already married. Maybe Manuel is using too hard on him, I hope they can recover. In the House everything she did, even in an excessive way, he was her main fan, I don’t know outside, I haven’t heard from them anymore. I hope they will get back together.

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There Caldonazzo also spoke of Barù. The showgirl ed former competitor of the Gf Vip in fact, she revealed that she had not been invited to the inauguration of the famous chef’s restaurant and that she also had him blocked on social networks:

Barù did not invite me to the opening of the restaurant. I also blocked him on social media, when I went out he was the first one I blocked on Instagram because she had disappointed me humanly as a person. […] We got along well for a few days inside the house, he is not a person that I was able to frame well, I did not like that to go on he continued to make promises to poor Jessica. If I happen to be in Milan I will go and see him, I will eat two kebabs, he also cooked well inside the Casa.

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