Charlene has lost her mind over the famous one

Albert of Monaco, bad blow for the Monegasque sovereign. He himself ‘betrayed’ with another royal. Charlene Wittstock has lost her mind to a man even more famous and wealthy than her husband.

Albert of Monaco and Charlene –

New header for Charlene of Monaco. The rebellious princess has ‘betrayed’ Alberto with a other real. That’s who it is.

Albert of Monaco ‘betrayed’ with another man

It has never been a simple and happy marriage to Charlene Wittstock and Albert of Monaco. The couple of Monegasque sovereigns went through more lows than highs and still today, things between them seem not to proceed at full speed.

Charlene and Alberto
Charlene and Alberto –

For over a year the rebellious and sad princessas it has been dubbed by mass media around the world, it was far from the royal palace to take care of his health.

A bad one infection it affected some of her organs, including her brain, forcing her to undergo ben three surgical operations. Only a few months ago she instead underwent a hospitalization in one rehabilitation clinic in switzerland to recover from a psychophysical exhaustion who strongly proved it.

Her health seems to have improved for a few weeks but hers is getting worse marital relationship instead with Alberto. You know who the princess is with he ‘betrayed’ his spouse? With another royal of English nationality.

Who is the real who made Charlene capitulate

That Charlene and Alberto they weren’t happy is a rumor that has been around for some time now. Only a few months ago there was talk of a imminent divorce between the two Monegasque sovereigns who would have been blocked, at least for the moment, only because of a private agreement stipulated between the South African princess and the ruler of Monaco.

Grimaldi-Wittstock family
Grimaldi-Wittstock family –

Charlene she has no intention of returning to her princess life by taking on all the institutional and court commitments and duties and would therefore have asked her husband for more time to spend with his children and away from the Grimaldi family.

In exchange, Alberto claims to be paired with her and not to reach a divorce that would be harmful not only for the good name of the Grimaldi family but also for the Principality and its subjects.

Meanwhile, some indiscretions that leave everyone speechless: Charlene has ‘betrayed’ Alberto with another royal of English nationality. The he in question is none other than the Prince Charles.

Prince Charles
Principe Carlo –

This news was released by the Voiri magazine. It is said that the Monegasque princess exchanged secret love letters with Camilla Parker’s husband. In reality Charlene and Charles of England they have always been very close and linked by a friendship that has lasted for several years.

Queen Elizabeth’s favorite son has always had a very close link with the Grimaldi familyeven in the past, he had lost his mind over Princess Caroline of Monaco with which he was about to get married. Now this scoop could turn the relationship between again Charlene and Alberto which now seems to be at the end of the line.

Scoop Charlene and Alberto
Voiri magazine launches scoop on Alberto and Charlene –