Charlene of Monaco, Alberto leaves her alone and she is not there

Charlene of Monaco seduced and abandoned by Alberto, as the saying goes. Not exactly. It is true that he and she have resumed their normal lives which do not include, if not on very rare occasions, any sharing. The Princess continues her rehabilitation therapies at Roc Angel, while the Prince carries out his institutional activities and travels to Europe obviously alone. Or at most with the children, Jacques and Gabriella.

Charlene of Monaco and Alberto at loggerheads

After Charlene of Monaco showed herself in public with her family for two consecutive weekends, between late April and early May, attending two sporting events where she revealed her new short cut and platinum blonde and where she put in front of the eyes of all the cold that runs between her and Alberto. But this is only the beginning of the story.

The most recent indiscretions speak of a contract stipulated between the two spouses in which Alberto undertakes to pay 12 million euros a year to his sweetheart and in exchange Charlene attends a a list of eventscompiled sparingly and allowing only the bare minimum.

Alberto leaves Charlene of Monaco and goes to London

Meanwhile, the Prince fills up his travel and appointment agenda in which he is strictly alone. Even, on a trip with his children she goes without Charlene. Alberto indeed accompanied Jacques and Gabriella to Disneyland Paris for a memorable day of attractions, all three posing happily in front of the Sleeping Beauty Castle.

Too bad for the absence of the mother who perhaps still does not feel like traveling, even if relatively long. This would be her only real justification that keeps her away from her twins. The serious infection that struck her in May 2021 in her nose, throat and ears literally knocked Charlene down and that it was also the cause of a whole series of gossip that seems to have contributed to further cracking the marital relationship.

For this reason Alberto, accompanied his children home after the trip to Paris, flew to London where he witnessed, once again alone, a Premier League match, West Ham against Manchester City, thus preferring to spend Sunday at the stadium. rather than at home with his wife.

Charlene of Monaco at the Cannes Film Festival

For her part, Charlene does not seem to have any intention of being relegated to the role of “desperate housewife” and above all she seems to have a plan to restore order to the Palace, trying to stem the power acquired in recent months by Caroline of Monaco, of which she seems to be always very jealous.

For this reason it is rumored that he could make his appearance at the Cannes Film Festival, which takes place from 17 to 28 May. First of all, the festival is close to Monte Carlo, so Charlene shouldn’t make a long journey to reach the Croisette or even spend the night out of the house. And then it could be an important showcase to show everyone that things are going well in the Principality. Finally, she could give her image of her prestige, parading wearing one of her fantastic evening dresses and even overshadowing her granddaughter, Charlotte Casiraghi, who is a Cannes habituĂ©e.

Charlene of Monaco attended the Festival on very few occasions, one of which with Alberto in 2011, just before their wedding. It could therefore be the right year to go back, even without her husband.

Albert of Monaco Charlene of Monaco Festival Cannes

Charlene and Albert of Monaco at the Cannes Film Festival in 2011