Dayane Mello lands on OnlyFans and ignites the web: “That’s why I did it”

Brazilian model Dayane Mello stunned her admirers with the decision to open a profile on the controversial Onlyfans. She then explained her motivations behind this unexpected gesture on Instagram.

Dayane Mello as Denis Dosio? Also there model Brazilian finally capitulated in the face of the forbidden charm of OnlyFans. The list of celebrityItalian and non, who decide to use the platform uncensored to make ends meet. But how does it work? Simple: just on subscription and offers a service designed to share paid content. Its overwhelming popularitywhich grew exponentially during the lockdownis due to the fact that most of this content is, if not red lightat least risque.

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There Mello achieved notoriety thanks to participation in the Big Brother Vip 5where its link with Rosalinda Cannavò had captured the interest of the viewers. Immediately after the experience in the most spied house in Italy, Dayane entered the cast of The Fazenda, reality set in his country of origin. In that case, unfortunately, she ended up in the spotlight for one episode very unpleasant. The attentions of another competitor in fact, they went too far towards him, although the directly concerned denied being a victim of harassment. Recently, she debuted as conductor to Pupa Party, web show dedicated to the program The Pupa and the Nerdy.

Dayane Mello on OnlyFans: “Come and follow me”

Dayane Mello announced its debut on OnlyFans with a video on Instagramin which he explained to the followers the reasons who convinced her to join the platform.

Hi guys, well I have to tell you that I opened my OnlyFans and come and follow me. I did it because for me photography is art and I’ll show you a lot of placesso don’t wait on Instagram for what I will post on OnlyFans.

Therefore the model she went to the dark side for share shots of sunsets and clubs? In bio from OnlyFans of the former gieffina, in fact, we read: “Brazilian model, resident in Italy. Adventurer and free spirit to experience new emotions “. If that were the case, it would be a far cry from transgressive spirit of those who exhibit and buy on website. What a disappointment for its subscribers!

Speaking of subscriptions, Dayane has set a price of 15 dollars for a classic monthly subscription. The 33-year-old also included the ability to purchase some packages: for a three-month subscription it is expected to cost $ 42.75. For six months, instead you spend 81 dollars. The subscription annualis worth the modest sum of 162 dollars.