Federica Pellegrini, betrayal is unforgivable, confession leaves you speechless

A truly painful story that sees our swimming champion Federica Pellegrini as the protagonist, the painful betrayal in an unexpected moment.

The woman who made women’s swimming great for our country is Federica Pellegrini, her feats are history, like her countless prizes and awards, the most swimming champion boasting gold and silver medal, nationally and world-wide.

In fact Federica Pellegrini in her curriculum has several participations also in the Olympics, at just sixteen he won the silver medal in the 200m freestylebecoming the youngest athlete to take that place on the podium.

But Federica begins to give her first strokes and to win prizes when she is still very young, at the age of six she faces her first race, under the technical guidance of Massimiliano Di Mito, later always with Di Mito she continues her career until 2006 by participating at the absolute Italian championships by winning a bronze medal and in 2004 he made his debut in the senior national team when he was only sixteen, a true prodigy.

Precisely in that year she established herself as one of the strongest freestyle stylists by winning fifteen Italian titles, relay races and individual competitions, the world-wide celebrity arrives with the result obtained at the Olympics with the best entry time trial and new national record of 1’58 ″ 02 . Federica has really made an enviable sporting path thanks to her nickname, not for nothing is she Divine, becoming one of the most famous athletes in our country, this obviously led to having a lot of fans, consequently it really is much followed even in her private life, she often found herself at the center of media attention for her relationships.

Federica Pellegrini

In her life Federica also had to face some really dark moments, right during an interview with Maurizio Costanzo Show revealed when she suffered from a harmful health problem, the same tells, “There was a period in my life when I had some food problems. Not anorexia, I was throwing up. It was bulimia. It didn’t last long, thankfully, because I immediately sought help. But, in short, I have done it a few times, unfortunately “.

Then the whole chapter of his romantic stories opens, between ups and downs, loves and betrayals.

Federica Pellegrini and the betrayal

One of the most talked about swimming stories was the one between the beautiful Federica Pellegrini and her fellow swimmer Luca Marin, their relationship started in 2008, a love story that seemed like a fairy tale, they were together, they moved to live in Verona but at a certain point the unexpected happened, it would seem that Federica has betrayed Luca, so in 2011 they put an end to their story.

It was Luca Marin who revealed to the weekly Chi, during an interview, some details regarding the history he had with Federica, especially of that period that deeply hurt him, Luca talks about suffering and how the irreparable happened, “This story actually started in Tenerife last May. In those days, everything went smoothly between me and Faith. She even made plans for the family: she said she wanted to form one with me. We lived together in Verona in our nest and got along in love and harmony.

Then he continues, “One evening I noticed a strange look between her and Magnini. A doubt has sprung up in my head. I made a scene of jealousy, but she reassured me. On the day Federica won the 400 freestyle, the words I least expected came out of her mouth: ‘Luca, I don’t love you anymore’. Pain had won over everything ”.

Federica Pellegrini

A very moving story that of Luca, he had just lost the woman he considered the one of his life. Fortunately, the two have rebuilt a life over time and are now happy.