‘Health deteriorated’: Gwendolyn forced to leave the island

Isola dei Famosi, health deteriorates for the competitor and leaves the island.

Gwendolyn health worsened – DonnaPress.it

There is no shortage of news regarding theIsland of the famous. As always, one of the most popular programs of the Italian public today is in the spotlight. Apparently, in fact, it is the competitors of the program that attract attention. In fact, the castaways do not live a simple situation at all. In fact, hunger pangs are making themselves felt especially for some competitors and not only. Fatigue is indeed very strong but many are trying to resist this complex situation on the island. In fact, the aim is to reach the final and win the program, obviously the aim and objective of all the castaways.

But these days it seems that the situation is very complicated for one of the competitors in the race. The situation has become complex for the most part lovedin fact, we are talking about Guendalina Tavassi. In fact, the shipwrecked girl seems to have been absent from the program causing the public to worry at home. The situation is not easy for the showgirl who unfortunately these days she is not doing well at all.

Gwendolyn absent from the island.

The beautiful Roman showgirl these days is making her fans worry. There Tavassi in fact it seems that he is absent from the program due to some physical problems found on the island. As explained in fact the same Alvin, Gwendolyn will be absent in the next episodes:

“We have some news: Guendalina will not be there because she is in the infirmary for some tests, which in any case have not found anything anonymous”,

explains Alvin. But don’t be afraid, Gwendolyn will soon be back in the program.

Nothing unusual for Gwendolyn, only two days of rest “

Alvin reiterates.

The situation of Gwendolyn fortunately it is not serious, the young Roman in fact found herself in the infirmary making her fans worry. The situation doesn’t seem serious but she had to go to the infirmary for medical check-ups.

Guendalina Tavassi
Guendalina Tavassi- Donnapress.it

But the situation is not easy even for the other participants on the island. Apparently, in fact, a few days ago on the island the competitors had to evacuate due to the too hot and dangerous temperatures rise but not only. Apparently there was also an invasion of insects that endangered the health of the castaways not to mention the fact that a few weeks ago there was a weather situation that forced the editorial staff to intervene to secure the castaways.