Ilary Blasi, ‘caught’ in bed with him: and it’s not about her husband

Ilary Blasi was ‘caught’ in bed with him. A disconcerting reaction for the fans since it is not about her husband Francesco Totti. Here is who has conquered the heart of the presenter.

Ilary Blasi does not miss a beat. Always sparkling and witty in the conduct of the surviving game The Island of the Famous although there is also a gaffe or a small ‘road accident’ like the fall from the stool of the same former showgirl, during the episode on Monday 16 May.

Ilary Blasi and Francesco Totti-Altranotizia

In these hours, however, an image circulates that concerns her since immortalized in bed with another person who is not her husband. A situation that leaves nothing short of perplexing, especially being aware of the deep esteem and mutual affection between the two spouses who have often had the opportunity to demonstrate in public. What is going on?

Ilary Blasi, it’s not about her husband

Once again, The Island of the Famous does not disappoint with a very interesting episode. Mention, for example, the clash between Laura Maddaloni and Vladimir Luxuria in the studio or the tears of Carmen Di Pietro in connection with her daughter. All seasoned with the firmness and sparkling irony of the presenter.

But it appears that the latter has recently been ‘caught’ in bed with another, excluding it may be her husband the former captain. She is somewhat embarrassing but above all she who knows how the latter will react when she finds out and she will take a look at that photo. In fact, this is what we are talking about.

‘Caught’ in bed with him

It is circulating on social media a photo-montage which portrays Alvin and Ilary Blasi in bed together, in style ‘Vianello house‘, like Sandra and Raimondo. Among other things, this creation can be found on the profile of the same correspondent. This is because it seems that there is no good blood between the two. In fact, for example, remember the time when Alvin had to explain his role because the landlady did not leave him enough space to illustrate the trials that the castaways would have to face.

Dagospiain the last week, therefore launched the indiscretion according to which there would be strong tensions between the two, concluding that they would no longer tolerate each other but it is enough to read the joking caption on Alvin’s profile that accompanies this photo-montage to understand that their relationship may also be based on comparison but in the end they will always rejoin .

In fact, it says: “issues of blankets pulled too tightly, cold feet and a toilet used for too long… in the end, Ilary Blasi will obviously win in the ‘Blasi-Alvin house’ and we know it, right? But if he comes here to Honduras for the face to face, I think I can also play a chance … what do you think?

(Source: Instagram Ilary Blasi)