Isola 16, a former gieffina lashes out at Mercedesz Henger

Continue to keep the sentimental situation in and out of the reality show Mercedesz Henger. The daughter of Eva Henger he has been in Honduras for a week but is already at the center of much controversy. If the criticisms first concerned the choice to participate in the game despite the serious accident of his mother, in the last few days Mercedesz she found herself at the center of the rumors about a potential boyfriend she would have in Italy.

The young woman, who is one of the Conquistadors on the island, immediately showed an interest in Edoardo Tavassideclaring on several occasions that he is single. A paparazzo, during an episode of Mattino Cinque, however, said that the shipwrecked woman is lying about her sentimental statusrevealing that she has actually been engaged for some time to a boy named Fulvio. Arianna David, a friend of Henger, then replied to the photographer’s wordsstating that it was only a few days’ attendance.

Subsequently, the paparazzo Andrea Franco Alajmo added new details about the relationship between the two, details that would have been revealed to him directly by Eva Henger. They would have seen each other several times in recent months and would have dated even shortly before the entrance to the Henger toIsland of the Famousbut between the two there would be no real relationship, rather a “dating”.

However in the last few days, as we got to hear during last night’s episode, even the castaways are starting to have doubts. According to many, the blonde influencer would have approached Edward just for a game strategy.

Will it really be like this?

Meanwhile, a former gieffina also wanted to express her thoughts on the behavior of Mercedesz Henger through her Instagram profile. We are talking about Wild Romeformer competitor of Temptation Island And of Big Brother. According to Selvaggia the castaway would be playing and also badly:

You’re playing bad Mercedesz! Unfortunately, you are acting badly and too fast! I would like to know your boyfriend what he thinks! Obviously your staff recommended after too many accusations to say that you broke up two days before the Island? Good heavens, how bad you are. Guenda, however, has noticed your forced play and not only her.

Will this Fulvio come out sooner or later to reveal (perhaps) the exact truth of this story?