never seen like this, impressive background

Letizia of Spain showed herself in an unexpected version leaving everyone breathless. The Queen Consort exaggerates, unsettling background.

From the Mango case, in which the Queen and a participant wore the same dress from the low-cost chain during an event, to the garment with which she discovered the abs, Letizia of Spain back in the viewfinder. A few months from 50 yearswas born on September 15, 1972 in Oviedo, she has shown herself as never before.

Letizia of Spain (Instagram)

Former reporterthe Ortiz became known following the wedding with the King Felipe alongside which it has become Queen Consortleaving an indelible mark on the Bourbon dynasty, especially with his flawless style and bearing.

His look they are in fact a source of inspiration on a global level, so much so that every public appearance catalyzes attention. This time it is not the clothes worn, but a detail of his appearance that left everyone breathless.

Letizia of Spain never seen like this, stunned subjects

Letizia of Spain impressive
Letizia of Spain (Instagram)

With the arrival of summer, the temperature rises and it is time to dress lighter. Even though she is a Queen, and the protocol calls for elegant dresses that don’t reveal much, Letizia of Spain he opted for lighter models in his latest release thus showing his physicist dry.

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Despite being close to 50, she looks like a little girl even with i hair Of their Grey natural. The unexpected backstory happened in the Las Hurdes region where the former journalist and her husband set foot as part of King Alfonso XII’s centennial journey.

In particular to leave everyone breathless during their participation the detail of the arms discovered by the green tank top worn by Ortiz: in the foreground muscles of steel that no one expected, given the apparently slender physique often covered by longer-sleeved models.

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During the event, the spotlight was on his unexpected triceps and biceps, the result of genetics, but also of constant training and a balanced diet.