Nina Moric without mercy? The son reveals that his mother wanted …

Carlos Corona lashes out at his mother Nina Moric and wreaks havoc! Nina Moric’s son claimed through his Instagram profile that his mother wanted to sue him and, according to her, she would be against him.

In his IG Stories the 20 year old Carlos Coronason of Nina Moriche lets himself go to a long rant and reveals:

My mother threatened to sue me for the (true) statements on the theft who committed before my eyes. She evidently preferred 50 thousand euros to love for her son.

According to Carlos, the mother robbed the father Fabrizio Corona in early May and he and his father would be witnesses. Fabrizio Corona revealed:

Nina Moric entered with her face covered, rang the intercom, stole the shopping, stole ten euros from Carlos’s wallet, took the Postepay, downloaded 25 euros and then went to the room where she knew there was the company’s money: 50 thousand euros in cash. She took them and took them away, calling a taxi. She stole her ex-husband’s house in front of her son’s eyes. Carlos is a witness to all of this.

Nina Moric: harsh accusations of her son Carlos Corona, what about her?

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The son of Nina Moric has explained:

I was at home, at the moment when the theft took place I was present and I am an eyewitness to what happened. Unfortunately, we currently don’t know where the money is, we don’t care about getting it back or anything else, we want justice for the things we filed a complaint about.

Fabrizio Corona says its about Instagram:

What do you know what love is. Love stories, real ones, don’t end like this. And ours has never been a love story. You don’t know what love is. You don’t even know what love for a child is. Life may have been as bad to you as you want. But children come first.

And then Fabrizio Corona concludes defending his son:

You used it earlier to get revenge on me. Then to unload your madness and madness. And rightly they took it off you for 4 years. I got it back for you in 2018 and it was thebiggest mistake of my life. You only used it to ask for money and get support. You have it humiliated, whore * or and made me feel bad for your follies. Destroying her and my life. But now after the last gesture you disappear forever. The pietas is over. None of the Crowns will forgive or help you. Remain in your solitude and badness. And that’s it: we got divorced 15 years ago. Erase everything and disappear forever.