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If you want to pack a mobile home for vacation, you should think about a few things beforehand. It is worth taking a look at the numbers first: how much payload is allowed at all? This is calculated from the difference between the permissible total weight and the empty weight. But be careful: Retrofitted accessories such as awnings and air conditioning must be included in the calculation.

It is best to have the recreational vehicle weighed by TÜV or Dekra before packing and deduct this value from the permissible total weight. Don’t forget: the weight of the passengers also counts. You can read more about loading here.

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The possibilities of items that can be taken with you seem endless,…

preliminary considerations

Of course, travel destination and length play a role when packing, and personal preferences also need to be taken into account. And if you travel with child(ren), you will need more of everything anyway. A first guide should be the packing list bid below.

But not only the question of what to take with you, but also the question of where to store it quickly arises. In principle, heavy items should be stowed in a storage space close to the ground and near the axles. Bulky items that are not too heavy can be stowed in closets or in the shower, but should be securely fastened. Be sure to keep the doors locked.

who one rear garage can safely store sports equipment, bicycles, camping furniture and other hobby items there. The dog traveling with you (don’t forget: EU pet passport and vaccination card) must be well secured, for which a lashable dog box is ideal. For children under the age of twelve, a suitable child seat is sufficient, which must be secured with a three-point or two-point seat belt.

The promobil packing lists

What do you need on a camping holiday? What do you really need to take with you, and what can possibly be left at home? At the latest shortly before departure you have to ask yourself this question. However, only everyone can answer it for themselves. Of course, in addition to the travel destination and the duration, these are also decisive Number of fellow travelers. If you are only traveling as a couple, the need for groceries, clothing and other equipment during the holiday is more manageable than if you have two children in tow. You can find more weight-saving tips here.

Personal preferences also play a role. Therefore, the following overview – designed for a two-week trip with two people – also make no claim to completeness. Because not everyone needs everything on the list below. But it can certainly be useful as a guide in the stress of packing before the holiday and give suggestions for putting together your own personal equipment. Especially if you want to pursue a hobby on vacation, you sometimes have to get creative to accommodate everything. You can read here what hobbies our readers have and how it affects camping holidays.

Packing list motorhome vacation


Part 1 of the promobil packing list.

1. Kitchen (14.1 kg)

○ Drying towels
○ Cutlery, crockery
○ Spatula
○ Brush and sponge
○ Can opener
○ Ice cube mold
○ Lighter
○ Coffee maker
○ Garlic Press
○ Cooking spoon, corkscrew
○ kitchen roll
○ Trash bags
○ Pasta colander
○ Salad bowl
○ sharp knives
○ Washing-up bowl, washing-up liquid
○ Thermo mug, thermos bottle
○ Pots/pans
○ Tupperware
○ 2 cutting boards
○ 2 wine or long drink glasses

2. Food and drink (37.2 kg)

○ Frying fat
○ Bread
○ Butter
○ chips
○ Eggs
○ Vegetable broth, spices, salt, sugar
○ Honey
○ Yoghurt
○ Ground coffee
○ garlic, onions
○ Cheese
○ Muesli, Nutella
○ fruit
○ Oil and Vinegar
○ Pesto
○ Chocolate
○ Six pack of canned beer, six pack of sparkling water, 2 bottles of red wine, 3 liters of milk, 3 liters of juice
○ Tomatoes
○ 3 x 500g pasta, 4 x canned tomatoes

3. Clothing and shoes (24 kg)

○ Bathing shoes
○ Bikini/swim trunks
○ Neckerchief
○ handbag
○ Clothes for 2 weeks
○ Coneflower
○ Hiking shoes, 3 additional pairs of shoes per person
○ 2 light backpacks
○ 5 hangers

Packing list motorhome vacation


Part 2 of the promobil packing list.

4. Camping equipment (27.6 kg)

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With the right camping equipment you can enjoy the view.

○ Cordless screwdriver
○ Work gloves
○ Ramp
○ Camping lamp
○ 2 camping chairs and table, stool for feet
○ Watering can/hose
○ Cable drum + adapter
○ cord
○ Rear carrier warning sign
○ Clothespins and line
○ Lashing straps

5th bath (10.6 kg)

○ All-purpose cleaner, travel detergent, Sagrotan spray, sanitary additive
○ First aid kit with plasters, bandages, wound ointment, mosquito repellent etc.
○ Flip-flops for sanitary facilities
○ hair dryer
○ Face and hand cream
○ Hairbrush, comb, hair ties
○ Hand soap, shampoo + shower gel
○ Toilet paper, 2 packs of tissues
○ Nail set, perfume + makeup
○ personal medication
○ Sunscreen
○ Earplugs
○ Toothbrush, toothpaste, dental floss
○ 3 towels per person

6. Games, Fun and Print (40.7 kg)

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Kirill Gorlov

Games are a must for families when camping.

○ board game, card game
○ Bicycle pump and repair kit
○ Mobile phones, charging cables, tablets
○ Map
○ Notepad and pen
○ Snorkel and diving goggles
○ Table tennis bats, balls
○ Dictionary, magazines, 2 books per person
○ 2 bicycles, 2 helmets2
○ Guide
○ 5 CDs

7. Other (30.2 kg)

Vacation planning, travel, tips

Kirill Gorlov

The miscellaneous category includes items that are often forgotten.

○ Duvet cover
○ Glasses, sunglasses
○ Gas grill, steel sponge for grill, grill indicator
○ Camera
○ Sweep set, rag
○ Duct tape
○ Picnic Blanket
○ Umbrella, parasol, beach mats
○ Flashlight
○ Pocket knife
○ 2 blankets and pillows

Packing list for download


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With a few preliminary considerations and our practical packing list examples, you are sure to have everything you need with you on your next holiday. Get ideas on what a packing list might look like and modify it to suit your needs and you’ll have the perfect list right at your fingertips for the year to come.