Stefano De Martino, other than Belen: he flies abroad with his new ‘half’

Former dancer Stefano De Martino was one of the absolute protagonists of the Amici final. There was talk of a flashback with Belen but he flew abroad with someone else. Let’s see with whom.

Stefano forgets Belen –

As a former student of the school, Stefano De Martino let himself go to various memories last night.

Stefano De Martino at the Amici final

Amici 21 ended last night and Stefano De Martino was an unmissable presence. The talent ended with the victory of Luigi, already widely predicted by the bookmakers. Stefano De Martino, sitting among the judges, was the great protagonist of this edition.

In particular, the former dancer was keen to tell some of his past related to school. In particular, he recalled training so hard during the months he spent at Amici that when he flew to America to study at a prestigious school, training there seemed almost like a health walk.

Meanwhile, the conductor father of Santiago and ex-husband of Belen Rodriguez, is making a lot of talk about himself also because of his private life. With his ex-wife, in fact, there would be a flashback who saw them spend the weekend of May 1st together in the Neapolitan capital. All of this, of course, in favor of the paparazzi.

Stefano De Martino
Stefano De Martino –

It would seem, however, that Stefano made another trip but Belen, this time, was not understood. Who did he do it with?

Who has flown abroad with

The stories shared by Stefano De Martino in Germany, in particular, in Frankfurt, caused a great stir. In the German city, the TV presenter flew together with two of his inseparable colleagues: Biagio Izzo and Francesco Paoloantoni.

Their gags, on the street or in a restaurant around the German city, shot in favor of Instagram stories, drove fans crazy. So much so that someone spoke of the two comic actors as two inseparable halves with Stefano De Martino.

One of the stories that immediately went viral was the one in which the three improvised street artists in the square. Francesco Paoloantoni did not allow himself to be intimidated by the fact that he was wearing crutches.

The reason for their trip to Germany is the show that sees them all three protagonists from the title What a couple the three of us. An intelligent but at the same time light comedy, which is winning a great favor with the public.