the truth about retirement

One of the most prominent Italian actors of the moment, Luca Argentero, indulged in some unsettling confessions to the microphones of I hear you. Here are his words.

Luca Argentero is the protagonist of the episode broadcast tonight, May 17, 2022, of I hear you. A guest in Pierluigi Diaco’s living room on Rai 2, the highly sought-after 44-year-old actor “unbuttoned” himself more than usual, leaving everyone speechless.

The “temptation” of Luca Argentero

Hear hear: Luca Argentero would be thinking of getting away from the world of entertainment right now that he is riding the crest of the wave. The decision, explained the charming actor, stems from a need to live at a slower pace and to enjoy some aspects of his life that have so far been a little too neglected.

“I would like … Or better not to leave for the sake of making a sensational exit but to recover a rhythm of life that after twenty years, has been a frenzied pace – confessed the protagonist of Doc – In your hands -. It would allow me to focus on some aspects of my life that interest me most ”.

Woe to underestimate the utterances of the former gieffino. From his words it is clear that the time is now ripe for an “existential” turning point. “I have the feeling after twenty years that I have done everything I could do,” he says. Fans certainly won’t like it, but so be it. These days, after all, Luca Argentero is certainly not the only one who thinks that at a certain point in his life, work should no longer be considered an absolute priority.

During the same interview, Luca Argentero talked about his spiritual side, telling that he loves being in contact with nature, especially in the mountains, to get closer to God in some way. “It’s a very physical matter – he observed -: one of my mountaineer friend once told me ‘I feel closer to God on top of a mountain than inside a church’. Not that inside the Church you don’t feel it, but in the mountains you are still higher up, so for better or for worse you are closer… ”.

The former protagonist of Big Brother (2003 “NIP” edition) is an artist in constant evolution: and certainly he has come a long way from his beginnings as a model to his arrival in the world of cinema and television series (with titles such as Saturn Against, Eat, pray, love, The Ignorant Fairies – The series). Luca Argentero’s fans get it right: a sensational announcement could come soon: stay tuned.