Where does Vladimir Luxuria live? The house of the columnist

Vladimir Luxuria has always been a great television personality who sometimes has not even failed to cause a sensation, although his professionalism has always been absolutely flawless, not to mention untouchable, but have you ever visited where he lives?

Where does Vladimir Luxuria live? A splendid house in the Capital for 20 years … He has no intention of changing it or changing neighborhoods.

Vladimir Luxuria, a much loved character

Vladimir Luxuria he is a character who certainly and in no way needs any introduction, being a very well-known and beloved face of the Small Screen. Character who has sometimes divided, as indeed those who are sincere like her and always say what she thinks. whatever it takes. He took part in several reality shows very successful, participated in talks and had a leading role in the battle for transgender rights. He has in his CV a great career in politics and good books.

He has been living in Rome, in a beautiful house for more than 20 years

It is clear that Vladimir has never missed anything from a professional point of view. In addition, he has also participated in entertainment programs, such as Tale & Which Showconducted by the legendary Carlo Conti, as well as a competitor also in the reality show The Island Of The Famousin which he triumphed and of which he is now undisputed columnist together with the eccentric Nicola Savino.

But do you know where the woman lives? In Capitalin a beautiful house, for more than 20 years. It is his nest and his refuge. She has no intention of changing it!

He lives in the Pigneto district

Luxuria has lived in Rome since she moved from her style at the age of 20. She in particular she resides in Pigneto district in a 180 square meter apartment. Style is minimalistbut very refined and refined: the floors are in pink Veronese marble and the walls are pastel colors (cobalt blue, wisteria, yellow and green).

Your favorite areas? “My study with booksthe computer and the photos of my granddaughter and the large built-in wardrobe with irregularly shaped marble handles, the white sofa with sleeping pill, 70s style lamp in a hairdresser’s helmet, many handcrafted objects received as a gift from artists even more deranged than me “, as he told architectoconsiglia.com. A house – however – that Vladimir he does not like to share sui at all Social. And it is for this reason that there are no images available about it.