Mallorca: Portal denounces drinking tourism – that’s behind it


Mallorca: New portal puts drinking tourism in the pillory

Tinder in Mallorca: Locals annoyed by tourists

Tinder in Mallorca: Locals annoyed by tourists

Find happiness with the dating app Tinder. That’s what the locals on Mallorca want too. But the tourists stand in the way of finding a partner.

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Hoteliers and residents of Mallorca have been horrified by party tourism for years. Now they dare to take an unusual step.

Berlin. After the fire in Mallorca, which German party tourists are said to have triggered, there is still bewilderment about the conditions there, even beyond the borders of the popular holiday island. The problem of reckless drinking excesses is not new. That is why local residents and hoteliers are planning the Balearic island now a Twitter account where relevant photos and videos are to be uploaded to denounce the abuses.

Drunken tourist hordes, rubbish, not enough police – a problem that the locals have Majorca denounce for years. The situation is particularly difficult in party strongholds such as El Arenal. The platform “Por una Playa de Palma Cívica” (“For a civilized Playa de Palma”), which was created in 2017 and fell asleep a little during the corona pandemic, wants to make drinking tourism on Mallorca visible through photos and videos sent via Twitter, like the “Mallorca Zeitung” reports.

Mallorca: Twitter account PdPcivica denounces drinking tourism

On the newly created Twitter account @PdPcivica should it, for example, show violations of the law walk: The sale of alcohol is prohibited on Playa de Palma after 9.30 p.m., the paper quotes José Antonio Fernández de Alarcón, vice president of the hotel association in the region. But many shops violated it. “Many missteps can be easily documented,” he said.

The Twitter account is not yet stocked with tweets, but this should change in the coming days. It is unclear what kind of pictures will be shown, whether people are also shown on them. Various associations are involved in the initiative, as “Mallorca Diario” writes. So count next to that Hotel Association Playa de Palma several neighborhood associations and a platform against crime.

Just a few days after the fire, German tourists on the Balearic island made negative headlines again last week: two men were arrested on suspicion of raping a 22-year-old. They are accused of murdering the woman, who is also from Germany, in a hotel in El Arenal forced to engage in sexual activity.

This is how Mallorca became a popular German party island

In the 1970s, more and more clubs and pubs opened their doors on the Playa de Palma. Excessive party tourism then began on Mallorca towards the end of the last millennium: numerous German hit stars settled on the Balearic island, practices such as the now banned “bucket drinking” became established, and in 1993 two members of the Bundestag suggested buying Mallorca for 50 billion marks. Island restaurateur Juan Ferrer was the first to offer imported German draft beer in “Köpi”, and Carrer de Miquel Pellisa was renamed “Bierstrasse”.

2014 finally became first rules of conduct introduced in Mallorca, which, for example, regulations on public alcohol consumption and the wearing of swimwear outside of beaches and swimming pools. In 2016, hoteliers and restaurants joined forces to form the “Palma Beach” initiative, which declared war on party tourism and instead promoted quality tourism.

Hoteliers Association already in 2018 for publishing photos

The voices against excessive binge drinking have become steadily louder in recent years. As early as 2018, Fernandez, Vice President of the Hoteliers Association, who is now active in the initiative, demanded: “We would very much like to see pictures of arrested, drunk holidaymakers in the media. Arrest them, impose fines, expel them! We don’t want them. “

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