Vacation in Italy: Country closes beaches – where you need tickets now

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Italy is closing beaches: where you need tickets now

The dream beaches in Sardinia are quickly overcrowded. Reservations are intended to channel the flow of tourists.

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Italy fears tourist crowds in summer. The first bathing resorts require a reservation: without a reservation, no one is allowed into the water.

Rome. Idyllic bays, blooming pines, greenish-blue shimmering water: the island Caprera off the coast of Sardinia has a lot to offer to holidaymakers arriving in droves over a 600 meter long causeway. But the rush is over now.

Who on the sandy beach Cala Coticcio If you want to swim, you can only do so when accompanied by an official tour guide and must have a admission ticket Reserve. The authorities only grant access to 60 visitors per day dream beach. Bad luck for those who come late.

This does not only apply to Caprera. Because Italy is expecting a tourism boom this summer like in pre-pandemic times, vacationers in many popular seaside resorts have to reserve a visit to the beach in advance. About a crowd on the Caribbean-looking white sand beach of Brandinchi in the place popular with celebrities San Teodoro on Sardinia to avoid, no more than 1447 bathers per day are allowed.

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Italy’s beaches: environment instead of economy

Sealing off for fear of visitor collapse: Hotels are already fully booked in some places, Germans, Americans and Brits are storming the art cities again after a Corona break of more than two years Venice, Florence, Rome and Naples. “For the first time in many years, we have more visitors than Spain, our direct competitor,” says Italy’s tourism minister, Massimo Garavaglia.

But the restart of tourism has its downsides. Local residents protest against the crowds, and the authorities react. “I know very well that some people don’t like this decision,” says Yuri Donno, referring to disappointed vacationers. The director of the national park in which Caprera is located knows that it would be in the interests of the economy to let as many people come as possible. But environmental protection is more important: “We have to remember that the ecological legacy is fragile.”

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Also Lampedusa – meanwhile internationally more associated with mass landings of African migrants than with its turquoise sea water – sets barriers to swimmers. The one that has become known as the rabbit beach Spiaggia dei Conigli in the south of the island is considered one of the most beautiful coasts in Europe: dolphins and sea turtles swim in the clear water, the sand is pleasantly soft under your feet.

Accordingly, many guests could come in the next few months and the bay run over. From July 15th, the rabbit beach therefore only be accessible after prior booking – and only between 8.30 a.m. and 1.30 p.m. and between 2.30 p.m. and 7.30 p.m.

Italians can’t afford vacations

The authorities allow a maximum of 300 people at a time. After all, they have the privilege of being able to enjoy a beach without bathing establishments – a rarity in Italy: the “stabilization balneari’, the paid bathing spots, are typical of the country’s beach culture and can be found almost everywhere along the more than 7500 kilometers of sea shore.

Many Italian families can unite beach holiday can no longer afford in their own country. The sometimes outrageous prices of the Stabilimenti are a hot topic every summer – in the celebrity place Porto Cervo on Sardinia, for example, two people easily have to shell out 250 euros for a parasol and loungers – per day.

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But it’s not just seaside resorts that put a stop to mass tourism. The mountain communities also want to regulate the flow of visitors better. Since the success of the television series “Un passo dal cielo” (“Just one step from heaven”) produced by the Rai station and about the adventures of some foresters in the South Tyrolean countryside, the Pragser Wildsee north-east of Bozen has become a real excursion destination.

Around the thousands day trippers In order to be able to steer better, summer traffic regulations are now in force: From July 10th, the Pragser Tal can only be reached by car on presentation of a parking space reservation. Pitches must be reserved online. Spontaneously goes in Italy hardly anything.