Over 15,000 reviews: That’s why a 9-euro hairbrush is so hyped on the internet

A simple hairbrush for less than 9 euros has long been one of the beauty bestsellers on Amazon. But what makes the trend hairbrush so special?

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Every woman knows the problem: If you have long hair, brushing without tugging is almost impossible. Instead of gently untangling your hair, countless hairs are often pulled out when you comb it. Thanks to a special detangling hairbrush from Ninabella, however, this problem should be a thing of the past.

The hair tool has been among the top 5 beauty bestsellers on Amazon for months and is said to have revolutionized the hair care of numerous customers. At least that’s what the more than 15,000 positive Amazon reviews suggest. But is the hype about the 9-euro hairbrush justified? We took a closer look at the product.

Ninabella Organic Hairbrush

That is why the detangler is the perfect tool against hair breakage

If you take a look at the hyped hairbrush, you quickly realize that it differs greatly from conventional hairbrushes with its slightly spiral brush head. Is that the secret of the bestselling brush? According to the Ninabella brand, the development of the special detangler took a full two years.

Thanks to the spiral head, the brush is even more flexible and can adapt to the shape of the head. This effect is reinforced by the basic ergonomic shape of the brush. Since it is slightly curved overall, it is easier to apply pressure with it. The scalp gets a massage with every combing at the same time.

In addition, unlike other brushes, the Ninabella hairbrush has extra flexible bristles that make it easy to comb through the hair without painful tearing. Even wet hair and knots can be gently untangled with the brush. In addition, the manufacturer has put a lot of work into finding the ideal bristle length. This is said to be decisive for the quality of a hairbrush.

If the bristles are too long, combing your hair becomes uncomfortable. The bristles then attack the hair too aggressively, which often leads to more split ends and hair breakage. If the bristles are too short, however, the hair can only be worked through superficially. In order to get a really satisfactory result, you have to reach for the brush more often – and that means more stress with all the unpleasant consequences that go with it.

Ninabella seems to have found the perfect middle ground with her detangling hairbrush. And with a price of less than 9 euros, the organic hairbrush is a real bargain!

Ninabella Organic Hairbrush

The hairbrush from Ninabella is also ecologically convincing

When developing the hairbrush, the manufacturer not only attached great importance to quality, Ninabella also focused on sustainability and climate protection. For example, the brand relies entirely on recyclable materials such as organic straw in the production process and does not use animal bristles, which is unfortunately still commonplace with other hairbrushes today.

Amazon bestseller: That’s what customers say

Numerous Amazon customers already swear by the Ninabella hairbrush. With more than 15,000 ratings worldwide, the Ninabella brush has an incredible average of 4.8 out of a possible 5 stars.

A surprised customer writes: “I never thought that you could be amazed by a brush, but that’s how it is”.

Many women are enthusiastic about how easy it is to loosen even the most stubborn knots with the hairbrush. As one customer writes in her Amazon review: “I have long, thick hair that tends to get tangled. Especially after washing. It’s really amazing how easily and gently I can get it out with the brush.”