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Flight chaos: 35 hours delay! vacationers angry

What a mess! And already the holiday relaxation is passé. Holidaymakers are not only struggling with chaotic conditions in Saarbrücken, but also in Egypt. Because instead of a return flight to Germany, hundreds of holidaymakers have now been stuck in Hurghada, Egypt, for more than 35 hours. The tourists had imagined it completely differently! In the RTL interview, vacationers Nadine Meksika (33) and Hannah Novela (26) describe their Egyptian odyssey so far.

Watch the video to find out what you can do if your flight is cancelled.

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35 hours delay: vacationers are stuck in Egypt

On Sunday (June 12, 2022) their return flight to Frankfurt am Main should have started at 9:50 a.m., but instead there was huge chaos. When the vacationers Nadine and Hannah made their way to the airport in Hurghada, they quickly saw that there was no progress at all and that a crowd of people had formed in the entrance area of ​​the airport.

At first there was hardly any information, but it quickly became clear that no plane would be taking off from here any time soon. Her flight is now more than 35 hours late. The vacationers have been sitting in another hotel since Sunday, 10 a.m. and are waiting to see what happens next. “We’re really chasing after the information. We’re talking to the Tui manager, but also to the German embassy. But we still don’t have any reliable information about when we can fly home,” says Nadine Meksika to RTL.

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Vacationers still in Egypt – time for return flight to Germany unclear

The current information is that the new return flight will take off from Hurghada at 0:30 a.m. – but that is not certain yet. “Hungry, overtired, grumpy” is the best way to sum up the mood of stranded vacationers with small children at the moment, according to vacationers. But how could the flight chaos come about and what does the airline Smartlynx say about the extreme delay? A plane that made an emergency landing in Cairo is said to have started the flight chaos. Smartlynx press spokesman Jan Limbach also confirmed this when asked by RTL and expressly apologized for the delay.

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Airman has to make an emergency landing in Cairo and sets flight chaos for other vacationers in motion

The cause is actually an extraordinary landing of the plane in Cairo, which was carried out because of a technical defect. The 162 passengers affected would be 39 hours late. It was a technical fault in one of the engines. And the German vacationers should actually have been on this plane, which could not therefore fly to Hurghada.

Airline comments on extreme delays: “Can understand that the passengers are upset”

“We tried to maintain direct contact with our passengers on site via Tui and our ground handling, but we are aware that only positive news about an onward flight would have been satisfactory. All passengers were of course accommodated in hotel rooms according to European standards and accordingly in the Hotel catering. We can understand that the passengers are upset, but safety always comes first. We will pay out the appropriate compensation as soon as possible. Internally, colleagues are working to clarify the cause and course of events in detail in order to avoid such a situation in the future “, explains the airline spokesman further.

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Vacationer in trouble: “Are dependent on medication”

Accountant Nadine is very upset about being stranded in Hurghada because she should have returned to work long ago on Monday (June 13, 2022). “The employer is waiting,” says the mother of a small child meaningfully. The situation is particularly difficult for her fellow vacationer Hannah Novela (26). “My mother-in-law and I are dependent on medication and only packed until Sunday,” the 26-year-old told RTL. Now you have to find out what to do. They are reluctant to switch to unfamiliar medications. In addition, it is still unclear how long they will have to stay in Egypt.

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Stranded on vacation? Travel expert Ralf Benkö with important advice

If you are afraid of being stranded at your holiday destination and suddenly not having a return flight, RTL travel expert Ralf Benkö has an important tip for you. Those affected should contact the airline and tour operator as soon as possible, ask for help and also set a deadline for alternative flights. After the deadline, holidaymakers could then book flights themselves and then bill the tour operator. (ie, my goodness)

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