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These Corona rules apply in your travel country

June 20, 2022 – 3:22 p.m watch

Vacation without a mask and minimum distance – after more than two years of pandemic, this is possible again in many countries. But a trip completely without Corona rules is still the exception in 2022. The ADAC and the Federal Foreign Office provide regular information on the current status of the regulations. We have summarized the most important of them for popular travel destinations.

Summer vacation 2022: Masks are compulsory on all flights to and from Germany

Masks are still mandatory on flights to and from Germany.

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Not everything is the same, especially for air travelers. Because while many countries have abolished the obligation to wear masks on board, it still applies on all domestic German routes and on flights that take off or land in Germany.

That means: Anyone flying from Frankfurt to Mallorca or vice versa must wear an FFP2 or medical mask when boarding and disembarking and throughout the flight (exception: when eating and drinking) – regardless of the airline. At German airports, however, there is no obligation to wear mouth and nose protection.

Corona rules in Spain

All corona-related entry regulations have been lifted; Vacationers from EU countries no longer need proof of vaccination or a negative corona test. It is also no longer necessary to fill out an entry form. However, checks by the health authorities are possible on entry.

There is no longer a mask requirement for restaurants, shops, etc. Mouth and nose protection only has to be worn in public transport, health facilities such as hospitals, health centers, pharmacies, and the like. This does not apply to children under the age of six.

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Corona rules in Italy

Riomaggiore, Italy: colorful houses

In “Bella Italia” you travel without 3G proof, but still wear a mask on public transport.

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Vacationers can enter without corona-related restrictions. A 3G proof is no longer required. The obligation to provide evidence of recovery, vaccination or a corona test only applies to hospitals and care facilities (the 2G rule applies here).

A minimum distance of one meter from other people is still required. Mouth and nose protection no longer has to be worn in shops, restaurants, etc. However, FFP2 masks are still compulsory on public transport until the end of September.

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Corona rules in the Netherlands

Almost all corona-related restrictions have been lifted. Vaccination or test certificates are no longer required. The mask requirement in shops, restaurants etc. as well as in local public transport is no longer applicable. Mouth and nose protection is only mandatory at airports and on airplanes.

Corona rules in Greece

Entry is possible without a test or vaccination and via all official border crossings. Hotels and other accommodation are open, as are most attractions. There are no access restrictions to restaurants, shops, etc.

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There is no longer a general obligation to wear masks in publicly accessible indoor spaces, but there is in local public transport and in hospitals, nursing homes and other health facilities – in each case for people aged four and over.

Corona rules in Turkey

The corona rules have largely been lifted in Turkey. Proof of vaccination or a negative corona test is no longer necessary. It is possible that fever will be measured randomly upon arrival at the airport. In the event of an elevated temperature or other corona symptoms, further health examinations can be ordered.

It is recommended to keep a safety distance of three steps to people outside of your own household. Masks are only compulsory in the healthcare sector.

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Corona rules in Croatia

Entry is possible without proof of vaccination or test. Also in hotels, restaurants, shops etc. there are no more restrictions.

There is no obligation to wear masks in publicly accessible rooms or on public transport. Mouth and nose protection only has to be worn in medical and nursing facilities.

Corona rules in Bulgaria

There are no longer any restrictions on entry due to the pandemic. No vaccination or test certificates are required. In public, there is no longer an obligation to wear mouth and nose protection or to observe a minimum of decency.

Corona rules in Denmark

Holiday in Denmark

In Denmark, vacationers can enjoy the best time of the year again without corona restrictions.

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There are no longer any restrictions related to the corona pandemic. A vaccination certificate or a negative corona test is not required, the mask requirement in public has been completely lifted. (bst)

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