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It is a well-known fact that taste can be argued with – and even better discussed. That’s why there is in our regional Test series “Swabian Stars” from now on once a week – always on Wednesdays – a very personally colored list of the best attractions, products and offers in the region. Episode #30 is about a highlight for all nature lovers: The most beautiful places at sunset.

Episode #31 is about the holiday on the doorstep. What are the most beautiful places for a short trip in Upper Swabia and in the Allgäu? Due to current events, however, only destinations that can be easily reached with the 9-euro ticket are listed.

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The three best bus and train destinations in the region:

selected and evaluated by the Wangen editor Paulina Stumm and Bad Waldsee’s local manager Wolfgang Heyer. Both are often out and about in the region – for research, but also in their free time.

This is what a good bus and train excursion destination must offer:

1. When choosing the top excursion destinations, the Accessibility by bus and train the be-all and end-all. The Swabian Stars are characterized by the fact that there is a bus stop nearby that is used regularly. The stop may even be a little further away from the destination. Then the walk must be worthwhile.

2. Second important point of criticism are the Costs. At the moment we are already saving on the ticket with the 9-euro ticket. But the destination itself should also be affordable for an average Upper Swabian family. Explained with an example: A luxury wellness hotel is not an excursion destination that is suitable for the Swabian Stars Episode #31.

3. A good bus and train excursion location in the Swabian Stars is also characterized by the fact that it is in the immediate vicinity of the actual destination more attractions are. For example, a lake for swimming, a city center for strolling or a barbecue area for grilling bread on a stick.

4. The fourth point of criticism is a very subjective one: we call it that “Holiday feeling”. A good excursion destination that can be reached by bus and train must feel like a real vacation day for the whole family. A short trip that creates a break from everyday life and gives every family member the feeling of experiencing something very special.

With these criteria in mind, the following top 3 stars result for Paulina Stumm and Wolfgang Heyer:

  1. Family leisure area Kisslegg: The St. Anna family leisure area is only a 12-minute walk from Kisslegger train station. From April to October, children romp around here on countless swings, seesaws, slides, on the water playground and the football field. There is also a barbecue hut (only with advance notice), benches and tables for a quiet picnic for small and large groups. The Burgermoos adventure trail is also in the immediate vicinity of the leisure area. And Kisslegg Castle is always worth a visit.
    Kisslegg can be reached quickly by train. It’s even quicker to walk from the train station to the leisure area on the outskirts. (Photo: Paul Martin)
  2. Aulendorf Castle: Aulendorf has a lot to offer for the relatively small number of inhabitants. In addition to the good public connections, especially the castle. There are various short and long tours throughout the summer. For example the tour “Aulendorf Castle Stories” or the “Costume Tour”. Those who have had enough of the castle can walk over to the Schwaben-Therme or to Lake Steeger. Other destinations nearby are the city park with a modern playground and the zoo. And: Since May, the “Moorbahn” has been commuting between Aulendorf, Bad Waldsee and Bad Wurzach again at the weekend.
    The castle in Aulendorf.  Photo: pau
    In Aulendorf, not only the castle makes an impression. You can also walk from the train station to Lake Steeger or the thermal baths. (Photo: Paulina Stumm)
  3. Tannenbühl climbing park: Because of the different difficulty levels of the nine climbing courses, children from the age of 3 can participate. In addition to the high ropes course, there are also tables, a kiosk and a game enclosure on the site – including wild boars. At the edge of the forest, children can also let off steam in a large playground. Admittedly, it takes about half an hour to walk from Bad Waldsee train station to reach the climbing park. But the walk through the old town or along the city lake is also worthwhile and is part of the experience.
    In addition to the high ropes course, there is a large playground and a game reserve. And the somewhat long walk from the Waldsee train station is also worthwhile. (Photo: Stefanie Järkel)

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