Holidays more expensive than ever! Prices explode due to flight chaos – what to do?

Flights at a bargain price? One can only dream of this in the summer months.

Due to staff shortages and cost increases, the major airlines have rescheduled their flight schedules. There is a lack of staff in the flight cabin, at security checks, in catering and in check-in. This creates chaotic conditions.

Lufthansa, Easyjet, British Airways, KLM, Tui-Fly and Eurowings have canceled a number of flights. Other airlines transfer routes to partners. Anyone who has booked with Condor must expect that Sundair, European Air Charter, Bulgaria Air or Heston Airlines will operate the booked flight.

Lufthansa alone has canceled almost 1,000 flights. This automatically leads to a price increase. Supply is reduced, but demand remains high. As a result, prices increase by up to 50 percent.

“We expect that this situation will continue throughout the summer and into the autumn, as it is practically difficult or impossible to build up the necessary staff in all affected areas at short notice,” says Karolina Wojtal from the European Consumer Center Germany.

You should know these cost traps

If a flight or trip is cancelled, those affected look for an alternative. Comparison portals, travel sites or the airlines themselves advertise with cheap offers. But more and more people are using this option to book a vacation. But not every promotion is a bargain. Basically: Always pay attention to the final price and compare.

If you have to pay money for payment, ticket dispatch, online check-in, luggage or seat reservation, this increases the travel price considerably. Compare the final price on different platforms – this will give you the highest savings potential. If the price keeps being adjusted upwards during the booking, you should look for another provider.

Because flights are being cancelled, travel providers, airlines and comparison portals are now trying to sell travel insurance.

But these insurance policies can be given away in many cases.

What do I need to know if the flight is cancelled?

If a flight is cancelled, the airline must refund the full ticket price. In extreme cases, compensation may even apply. If flights are canceled less than 14 days before the planned flight, those affected are entitled to around 600 euros – this depends on the specific individual case.`

The following applies to package tours: If the trip is cancelled, the money will be returned. The organizer is responsible for this. He must arrange for a replacement transport. The travel price must not increase as a result of the new flight connection, even if the tour operator has to buy more expensive flights at short notice due to the flight cancellation.

In the case of a canceled flight as part of a package tour, claims against the tour operator can also be considered – for a reduction in the travel price or even compensation for useless vacation time.

It only becomes a problem if you have booked your flight and hotel separately. If the flight is cancelled, the hotel still has to be paid for. Wojtal explains that you can only ask for your money back if the terms and conditions of the holiday home or hotel operator provide for a cancellation. Otherwise there is only hope for goodwill.