Kim Gloss shows herself without extensions

Kim Gloss
She shows up without extensions

Kim Gloss


Decorative cosmetics, treatments and one or the other beauty surgery – Kim Gloss attaches great importance to her appearance. On Instagram, she now shows impressive pictures that prove the power of make-up and co. She has also said goodbye to her extensions.

Kim Gloss, 29, is a beautiful woman who likes to appear sexy and stylish in public. She puts up with a lot for that. Whether styling or even going to the beauty doc – her appearance is very important to the soon-to-be mother of two. But even without any make-up or tools, she is a pretty woman who certainly doesn’t have to hide behind filters and the like. This is proven by two photos that she posts herself on Instagram. Now Kim even goes one step further towards naturalness – she has had the extensions removed.

Kim Gloss no makeup vs. makeup

In the first photo that the former DSDS participant posts in her feed, she shows herself with a wild curly mane. The eyes shine, the lips are made up with gloss, the eyebrows sit perfectly. That’s how you know Kim Gloss. After the swipe you get to see a completely different side of the singer. A much more natural, unfamiliar one. So they should only get to see their loved ones regularly.

In the second photo, a young woman who at first glance would not be recognizable as Kim Gloss is looking at you. The eyes are less alert, the brows are much narrower and lighter, the complexion is even but a little paler, the lips are full but less plump. The 29-year-old looks a little sleepy in the photo, but she still shines. With the photos, she wants to point out a product that gives her the glow that she says she has more in the first picture. The fans celebrate the influencer – whether natural or made-up.

“I did not recognize you”

While some also note that they hardly recognized Kim Gloss without make-up, most like the no-makeup look. “I didn’t recognize you in the picture without make-up, it shouldn’t be a criticism, it’s great if you can do make-up like you do,” writes one. Another puts it in a nutshell: “With or without make-up, you’re just a beautiful woman. Beautiful.”

Bye-bye, extensions

In her story, Kim Gloss now shows herself at the hairdresser. She reveals that she actually wanted to have her extensions renewed. Spontaneously, however, she came to a different decision: she left the artificial strands of hair out without further ado. Her natural head of hair is still full, but only reaches her shoulders. And that’s exactly what worries Kim.

Kim is shown without extensions

Kim is shown without extensions


“Of course, long hair makes you look a little slimmer. Now that I’ve gained so much weight, I don’t know if I’ll feel so comfortable,” writes the 29-year-old about her clip, in which she swings her natural hair from side to side. Through a survey, she would like to know from her fans which look they like better. The majority are actually in favor of the more natural look with short hair. Will DSDS awareness go further back in the direction of naturalness? That remains to be seen.