Clip earrings: The 90s trend is making a comeback

clip earrings
This ’90s trend is making a comeback

Alexandra Lapp with clip earrings at Paris Fashion Week 2022

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The fashion and beauty news of the day in the BRIGITTE ticker: The clip earrings are celebrating their 90s comeback +++ Ana & Bastian are in front of the camera together for Brax +++ This is how you can minimize sweat on your face +++ Why face taping can be dangerous +++ With the setting spray trick you save product and make the make-up last longer.

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July 22, 2022

This trend has made it back to the top: the clip earrings are back

We never would have thought that we would be able to experience this trend again. The clip earrings from the 90s have once again made it into the trendiest it-pieces of the season! In the meantime, one can observe how the largest luxury labels such as Chanel or Saint Laurent are increasingly relying on clip earrings.

During Fashion Week in Paris, designers showed that clip earrings deserved a comeback. Not only is this trend practical, but it also allows you a lot more leeway! Test out how and where you prefer to wear your earrings. Big, small, heavy or light, the ear clips are made for everyone.

July 21, 2022

Summer collection with Ana & Bastian for BRAX

Patterns, a harmonious color concept and modern details: Brax has also brought a dreamlike double in front of the camera for his new campaign! After all, who could embody sporty everyday clothing more authentically than Ana Ivanović and Bastian Schweinsteiger?

Soccer pro Bastian Schweinsteiger behind the scenes for the new BRAX summer collection.

Soccer pro Bastian Schweinsteiger behind the scenes for the new BRAX summer collection.


While they usually keep their private lives out of the public eye, they often stand together in front of the camera for the German label. The couple has embodied the sporty styles of Brax as brand ambassadors since 2020. The new summer collection is dominated by different shades of blue. There are also parts in black and white. Women can look forward to individual parts in rust red.

July 20, 2022

Is the sweat running down your face? A trick that helps

Summer is here and we are looking forward to it – some a little more, others a little less. However, no matter how much you can do with the current heat wave, there is one thing that everyone probably finds quite annoying: sweating. When it gets really hot, the sweat flows in streams. Of course, this is not bad at all and is even an important method of cooling down the body, but most people could probably do without it. A simple method to curb your own perspiration: use apple cider vinegar as a toner.

Apple cider vinegar as a toner can minimize facial sweating.

Apple cider vinegar as a toner can minimize facial sweating.

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The vinegar contracts the sweat glands and is said to curb sweating. To do this, soak a cotton pad or washcloth in apple cider vinegar the night before bed and apply to face like a toner. In the morning the whole thing is showered off and the complexion is sweat-free for a few hours longer.

July 19, 2022

Why the face taping trend isn’t cool, it’s dangerous

There are beauty trends that make our everyday lives easier and inspire us to try new things. But some trends are just plain weird. Face taping is one of them. The method is currently going through the roof on Tik Tok and is intended to help prevent wrinkles from forming.
The application is simple: the kinesio tape is applied overnight to the parts of the face that are to be tightened. This helps to avoid unwanted movements. After waking up, the tape is removed and the process repeated until progress is visible.

Instead of reducing wrinkles, masking the face with tape can actually increase them and do more harm than good to our face.
“Using a strong tape, especially one meant to hold the skin in place for an entire night, can damage the skin barrier and top layer of skin if you pull it off,” explains Dr. Horn, plastic surgeon from Chicago. He points out that while the tape is suitable for the body, it is not suitable for the delicate skin of the face and can cause redness, irritation and acne breakouts.

When we fix our face with tape, we train the facial muscles to work harder. This in turn leads to more power. Then, over time, the muscles get stronger, which just ends up accelerating the formation of the fine lines and wrinkles we were trying to avoid. A trend that is of no use and can therefore easily be ignored.

July 18, 2022

Watch out! This keeps the make-up durable even in the heat

Sometimes it can be so easy! With the rising temperatures, most people rely on primer, powder and lots of setting spray to make their make-up last longer. But that is not necessary! Several layers or products are not a must, even in the heat, as long as we change the routine a bit. Setting spray, but also your favorite toner can make the foundation super durable – if the product is applied with a sponge.

Instead of directly on the face, TikToker Kevikodra recommends first spraying the spray generously onto the Beautyblender sponge. The liquid product should then be worked into the applicator using the palms of the hands and only then gently dabbed onto the face. The effect: Even a few thin layers of make-up melt together and the complexion takes on a fresh, natural glow. By “pressing in” foundation, blush and bronzer stay in place even at high temperatures. Then summer can start, right?

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