Baltic Sea vacation: Restaurant causes trouble – “unpleasant events”


Ostsee-Lokal lets dogs in: children have to stay outside

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Child allowance better than Hartz IV?

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In the “Schipperhus” in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, families with children are banned from entering the house. The decision was preceded by “unpleasant events”.


  • Enjoy your holiday on the Baltic Sea in peace: A restaurant on the Baltic Sea has made a drastic decision
  • Children are only allowed into the restaurant from a certain age, but dogs are allowed in
  • The decision causes trouble – but also praise

Ricarda Biebl has been running the “Schipperhus” restaurant in April 2018 Dierhagen (Mecklenburg-West Pomerania) on the Baltic Sea. Guests can order schnitzel, fried potatoes and fresh fish dishes there. However, only if they are older than twelve years. Because children have “Schipperhus” recently no more access. Read here: Here you can go on holiday with children on the Baltic Sea.

“We no longer serve families with children under the age of twelve,” says the website of the “Schipperhus” in small letters at the bottom. Just a few paragraphs above, the owner and her husband promise that they want to “do everything” so that visitors to the restaurant feel comfortable.

Apparently, this also includes excluding some of them. This was preceded by “many unpleasant events,” says a printed notice in front of the restaurant.

Baltic Sea: Restaurant makes an announcement – dogs are allowed in the “Schipperhus”.

Biebl explains it to the “Bild” newspaper, which first reported on the decision: Regular guests have repeatedly complained because parents did not supervise their children properly. If there were any indications of the children’s behavior, the parents would have insulted the restaurant owners.

A three-year-old child is Biebl – himself mother of four – Apparently it was particularly remembered: “After it had painted our walls with colored pencils, it ran barefoot up and down the table with sandy legs and threw pasta with tomato sauce against the wall,” she explains to the newspaper.

The drastic step is directed less against the children than against the parents, who don’t keep an eye on the little ones enough. Dogs, on the other hand, seem to be more sociable – they are still allowed in the “Schipperhus”.

Baltic Sea: Many people seem to like the ban on children

As expected, both customers and uninvolved people on the Internet are not particularly happy about the children’s ban in the Ostseelokal. Especially on the Facebook site of the restaurant, reviewers complain about the “generalization” or the supposedly “child-hating innkeeper”, describing the decision as discriminatory.

The tenor seems clear: just because some families with children are loud and uncomfortable, you can’t general ban To give. The exclusion also affects the wrong people: “Today’s children are tomorrow’s guests,” writes one author of a negative review.

Nevertheless, Ricarda Biebl also received a lot of support for her decision: Even commentators who say they have children themselves welcome a quiet atmosphere while eating. The decision is part of the house rules of the restaurateur, it is said.

Baltic Sea vacation: house ban for children – is that discrimination?

In fact, there are numerous restaurants and hotels where children are not allowed. The Baltic Sea restaurant “Omas Küche” in Binz also caused mixed reactions in 2018 with a house ban for under-14s from 5 p.m.

Legally, there is no clear handling for such cases: Dem General Equal Treatment Act According to this, nobody should be excluded from visiting a location because of their age. With a factual and comprehensible argument, however, owners may from domiciliary rights Make use.

However, it is different when the restaurateurs want to occupy a niche with their offer, explained Sandra Warden, Managing Director of the German Hotel and Restaurant Association (DEHOGA) in the “Augsburger Allgemeine”.

Ricarda Biebl has now maneuvered herself into such a niche with the “Schipperhus”. The demand seems to be there: since the reporting around that House ban for children numerous new reviews appeared on the restaurant’s Facebook page. The last one before the decision was from July 2021. (reba)

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