Belén Rodriguez’s dress worn at Le Iene on April 20: brand and price

Hyenas it’s a program much loved by Italians for various reasons. The first of all because he is able to do to emerge of the realities that very often we do not know and that are kept to us a little in the dark. There are endless services that every Wednesday evening they give us, ready to satisfy the most inherent curiosities in us.

But not only. Hyenas it also means Teo Mammuccari and Belén Rodriguez, two faces who know how to cope with a high-level program such as Hyenas. Every Wednesday we are curious about to discover what’s new, but above all what will be the look of the beautiful Argentina. Let’s try to find out more.

Belén Rodriguez at Le Iene

Belén Rodriguez is a showgirl of Argentine origin and since she was a young girl she entered the world of fashion and entertainment, not only for her beauty, but also for her charisma and skill. When she arrived in Italy she was able to demonstrate what she is made of and she has always expressed greatness wish: drive Hyenas. This year he did it and made his dream.

Although the start was not the best, now it is demonstrating what it really is. If you remember she has been the focus of many controversy because of his attitude during rehearsals, defined as listless and not very present. But even during the live shows she was defined as Mammuccari’s “lady-in-waiting”.

Many, perhaps too many, were the discontent which triggered behind the scenes so much that there was talk of a possible removal. But now everything seems to have passed and he is in better shape than ever. It was probably not even an easy time for the showgirl who saw her starring in another one failure sentimental and a little girl to raise. But let’s leave this aspect out. One of many curiosity of viewers is what will wear for the new appointment de Hyenas. Let’s find out together.

Belén Rodriguez’s look for this evening, April 20, at Le Iene

At the heart of several controversy there was also the question of the initials look that Belén Rodriguez sported during the live shows. They’ve even been called “a little too much” for the realm in which it was located. Here we have witnessed another change and now her outfits are much more sober that highlight her physical shape, without exaggerating.

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But we can analyze what he showed off in the last episode and get an idea. As with Ilary Blasi, Belén also challenged the saying that the Violet brings bad luck. In fact, he opted for a little dress very short and tight wisteria color and at the foot of the shoes with the heel stiletto in the same shade as the dress.

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Once again she chose a branded dress David Koma and we can say, at this point, that it will be the stylist who will carry on for the entire duration of the broadcast. The suspenders are very thin and features one split side laced. For the shoes, once again, he chose Le Silla. For what concern cost, we can say that the outfit is not exactly cheap. In fact, we are talking about 1330 euros of dress e 728 euros of shoes. In tonight’s episode she chose a black suit with a showy belt at the waist.