Charlene and Albert of Monaco cannot divorce: “contract” for the children


New pieces are added to the intricate private life of the Principality of Monaco’s royals: the latest delicate updates

What happens between the Prince Albert of Monaco and his wife Charlene? This question has been bouncing around among gossips for some time given the suspected absence of the South African, officially due to health problems, from family and palace affairs. To talk about the end of the marriage between the two royals arrives, as written on Dagospiaa very reliable source as it is close to the couple.

According to the portal Dagospiawhich reports the advances of the weekly TODAY, Albert and Charlene of Monaco they would no longer be a couple, at least romantically. To assert with confidence she is a longtime friend of the prince son of Grace Kelly, Vera Dillier. The latter, who has often hosted the prince in her house in Saint Moritz, has in fact revealed that, for some time now, the two would have left. Of one thing, however, the 73-year-old writer is certain: Charlene and Alberto will not divorce. The reason? As you can imagine, the two would like to save appearances as much as possible, without destroying the image of a united and happy family that they have built.

According to Dillier Albertofor “Close the matter”would have made one of his residences available to his wife, Roc Agel, which overlooks the French Riviera. Here lived Alberto’s parents, Grace Kelly and Ranieri. Apparently at the palace the distancing between Charlene and her husband would not be new, quite the contrary. Dillier even claimed that there was never really love between them. The two will therefore live far away, with the princess who should still make some rare appearances during official events or, probably, some forays into the palace to see her children, the twins Jacques and Gabriellawho are only 7 years old.

The “children” node is obviously a big problem for the couple. The twins, as the friend of Alberto, in the event of divorce they would remain with their father as heirs to the throne, as per prenuptial agreements. The prince, apparently, would have made sure that Charlene settled right in Roc Agelvery close to the Principalityso as not to make her live too far away from her children.

The version of Vera Dillier adds meat to the fire to that which spread a few days ago. According to the latest rumors, in fact, it would have been right Charlenerecovering from troubled health problems, to stop himself to escape from the palace and settle in Roc Agelgiving her husband an ultimatum to avoid the divorce. Is this agreement going to last? Divorce is truly averted? We’ll see.