Chiara Ferragni is sick: the announcement of Fedez’s wife

The beautiful Chiara Ferragni is one of the most popular entrepreneurs and influencers of the moment, as well as wife of rapper Fedez and mother of two beautiful children. Bad news for her: in fact, it seems that the woman is not yet well, as she announced herself through the publication of some stories of her on her – to say the least – very popular Official Profile of her Instagram of her.

New troubles for Ferragni. After having lived through hours of pain, panic and anguish for the important and very delicate operation that her husband who has already returned home had to face, now she cannot enjoy the peace of her splendid family. In fact it seems that he is not well again. Have you been infected once again by Covid? Her announcement on Social

Chiara Ferragni, new troubles for her. The influencer is not well!

It doesn’t seem to be a particularly rosy and peaceful time for the rapper’s duo Fedezmuch loved especially by the very young, and by the splendid and successful businesswoman and influencer Chiara Ferragnithat after having lived the tragedy that hit the man, who has now returned home to his loved ones, has to deal with other problems.

Him, after he underwent an emergency operation because of a pancreatic tumor, is relaxing in the warmth of his family, although he will still have to undergo checks and undergo various treatments. Fundamental to him in those moments of pain, while he was hospitalized, the closeness of his wife who is not well now. She just announced it herself via some Instagram Stories. The announcement.

On social media, she is not in shape at all, what happened to her?

A few hours ago Chiara posted a long story on her very popular audience Official Instagram profileexpertly managed by her, which shows a series of shots and short videos where she can be seen with her family, in particular with children, the latter who have also become the protagonists of a hilarious curtain, where Lion – as you can read in the caption written by Chiara overlay – she wanted to call the police because her little sister Victory he had overturned a high chair during breakfast, all of which – however – alternated with other short reels where the woman appears in a form that is not quite dazzling… What happened to her? How are you now?

He has a fever but it shouldn’t be Covid

Chiara in the aforementioned videos seems to want to announce to her followers, the messages are also expressed in English in favor of non-Italian users, to be, so to speak, unwell and even want to show escalation of a fever which seems to have affected it and which is gradually developing, until what appears to be – as announced by the same – its apex.

The influencer also stated in the last video in history that the fever is about to subside but that it seems not to be a relapse of Covid-19indeed even more so since the same even claimed to have been better when she had to deal with the Coronavirus! The followers just have to wish her a good and speedy recovery!