“Fedez I’m not angry with you, you took me as a model like everyone else”

The rapper in the last episode of his “Wild Moss” format had asked Belen, his guest, why his ex-boyfriend was so angry with him

That of Corona more than a controversy seems to be a clarification to reaffirm once more the centrality of his character and at the same time not wanting to attack Fedez in a complicated moment and to which, at the end of the post, he also sends a hug.

fedez crown


To Fedez’s question about why Corona hated him and was obsessed with him, Belen, between the serious and the jokingly replied with a “I think he’s a bit angry with everyone, he does it to make the news. you hate, he is envious because you are more tattooed than him “. And precisely for this reason the former king of the paparazzi began his response by turning to Rodriguez. “Gorda, I’m not angry with him – he wrote in the Instagram stories – it’s a life that, like everyone else, has taken me as a model. I don’t do it to make the news, they talk about me regardless”.


Then he went directly to the “dialogue” with Fedez. “We start from the assumption that I am not angry with anyone – he reiterated -. Rather, a system, a mechanism, let’s say such a” bubble “disgusts me. Like it or not, dear Federico, you have fully entered the aforementioned bubble, if I didn’t love you I wouldn’t even tell you. It’s those who throw away their talent that piss me off, so like you do, I exercise my right to have my say on MY social networks. On which I see that you are well informed “. To conclude the post with another indirect reply to Belen: “Last thing: I had tattoos since you probably learned to walk …”. But then his outstretched hand: “A hug and get back in shape”.