Goodbye Barbara D’Urso, it didn’t have to end like this: that’s what happened – the Democrat

Impossible not to remember the afternoon programs of Barbara D’Urso. But now, for the Mediaset presenter, a bad period arrives

In home Mediaset it’s time to bad news. In particular, to pay the pledge, there is really Barbara D’Urso. But why all this? Another television season is now coming to an end. The broadcasters are now ready to prepare the new schedule.

Barbara D'Urso imminent farewell

And this is also happening in Mediaset, where the summer replacements they are ready to take their place. The gaze, however, is already attentive towards the month of septembera time when things could change for many presenters.

On the network of Piersilvio Berlusconi there is an air of novelty, and there could be a radical change as regards the dynamics of some programs. The Mediaset network has decided to take away the space among the transmissions that did not obtain the results they had planned. One of the conductors who has been particularly targeted is precisely Barbara d’ursothe queen of trash.

A Barbara D’Urso not quite as safe as she thought

Barbara D'Urso imminent farewell

Lately the Neapolitan presenter is not having a quite stable role. At the end of 2022, the contract that Barbarella has with Mediaset, will be expiring. There is no certainty of a renewal. This situation is not surprising at all. Just think of Alessia Marcuzzi who, when he decided to move away from the small screen, did not receive any interesting proposals from Mediaset.

In short, Berlusconi’s company has no qualms about getting rid of those who can no longer have space, despite the fact that they are characters who have a great story behind it. Me too’removal of Barbara D’Urso seems to be getting closer and closer. The presenter, in fact, has already lost part of the programs that aired last year.

D’Urso today simply finds itself at Afternoon rudder 5but in the transmission all the part inherent to the gossip. She was then entrusted with the conduct of the reality show The pupa and the nerd, but also in this case the broadcast has disappointed the expectations of the Mediaset top management. In short, things for the queen of trash are not getting in the way right direction. Just as it is also pointed out by piudonna.

But it is not only Barbara D’Urso who is at risk in Mediaset. There are other programs, or rather others conductors, which may not make it. We are talking about Filippo Bisciglia with Temptation Island and the wife of Francesco Totti, Ilary Blasi.

In short, despite the trust that Mediaset has placed in these presenters, the broadcasts are not having expected results. Which is why they might be permanently deleted.