Gossip Tipiù: Cristel Carrisi escape to Switzerland, Jessica Selassiè change of look, Albano in tears for Romina

Plus, once again the great protagonist is the Carrisi family and – in particular – the splendid Cristel and father Albano in tears for his ex-wife Romina. And then back to the Big Brother Vipwith a nice makeover from Jessica Selassié, her most recent winner.

Cristel Carrisi escapes while his father is moved on TV because of the Power. What has she done or said that is so upsetting? The winner of the GF Vipafter shopping, she lets herself be pampered by the hairdresser.

Cristel couldn’t stand it anymore and so she fled to Switzerland. Her story

Albano And Romina Power they got together, even if only professionally. By now the thing is known and although at the beginning this choice of theirs gave rise to false hopes in the fans, while today it is clear that the historic couple of Italian musicis strongly linked, but no longer in the feelings that unite a husband and a wife, who despite everything the two have been, and their children have lived them like this, for a long time.

Cristel Carrisi he recounted how beautiful it was when his parents were still together and revealed an anecdote in which, after years of separation, they all found themselves together like the old days: “The first time in years we all sat down together – he explained the girl – we were in Americaand in grasping the harmony that had been created, I got up and told my parents that in previous years I didn’t want anything else, I just wanted that “.

For her, the separation was not at all easy to accept, as was the fact of seeing them together again after a long time as this made her think about the past when his parents were still together.

Furthermore, at the time of the “crime”, the young Carrisi always said, people asked her a thousand questions, as if they assumed that she wanted to talk about it. And so, in the long run the girl did not hold up and she therefore decided to “go into hiding”, taking refuge in Switzerland.

Jessica Selassiè, after the victory everything changes: make-up, outfits and hair!

Jessica Selassié is the undisputed winner of the sixth edition of Big Brother Vip, who literally triumphed on the reality stage, shining in her crystal-encrusted white dress. Inside the Cinecittà House she literally blossomed, becoming much more self-confident and rediscovering her femininity, which he had ignored for too long. No more make-up marked with eyeshadows coordinated with the dresses, lip glosses and very long lines of eyeliner in full Cleopatra style for her.

No, today Jessica is much more sophisticatednot for nothing often focuses on gods makeup in natural and nude tonesstrongly capable of highlighting her exquisitely exotic features.

What about hair instead? The Princess has said goodbye to curls and now he ranges, even with a certain dose of healthy ease, between defined waves, extra smooth folds and very long ponytails, also equipped with extension. And a new visit to the hairdresser, allowed her to lighten her wonderful hair for a moment.

Albano tears on TV for Power

Among the guests of very true in a recent episode there was also Al Bano and from one topic to another we have come to talk – as it is also quite normal that it is – about the ex-wife Romina Power.

The presenter Silvia Toffanin he – at a certain point – showed the singer a video: in it Rominahis very welcome guest, told of his bond with a woman Jolandathe mother-in-law, therefore the mother of her famous ex-husband.

And in doing so she also revealed that she went to see her before she became even more seriously ill. “It’s something a mother does and not a mother-in-law. We loved each other each other, we have lived many together “. And in making that touching memory was included all the love, truly immense, of Romina Power towards that woman who helped her raise her children and who loved her like a daughter.

A very sweet tale that induced the singer from Cellino San Marco to have visibly shiny eyes. “Life puts you in front of certain facts that you have to know how to deal with but I never expected his departure from Cellino San Marco. Then I do not give up and this determination has always saved me from everything positive and even negative … What can I sayit was a good moment lived with a good intensitythe truths must be told … ”, these are his moving words pronounced immediately after careful viewing of the aforementioned video.