“I have a great desire to do if * I know with him”

The former partner of Antonino Spinalbese allows herself a rather intimate confession. Here’s what the beautiful Argentinian showgirl revealed. Belen Rodriguez is officially back with Stefano de Martino. Another confirmation came during the recent Easter break. The two, in fact, spent their time on the island of Albarella, a place so loved by the South American presenter. The island in question is located in Veneto, precisely in the province of Rovigo, where this natural oasis stands out in the Po Delta Regional Park. Their trip out of town, also in the company of their son Santiago, was immortalized in a photo that, according to fanpage.it, they both published. While the couple have rediscovered their longtime passion, Belen’s ex, hair stylist Antonino Spinalbese, recently admitted he had a serious illness. According to Luna Marì’s father, the man had serious problems with his pancreas, so much so that he was called “when he was old”.

His condition is of great concern to his many fans, although fortunately Antonino’s physical form seems to have improved considerably. In fact, the man has resumed training himself after having been stationary and at rest for some time. During this time he also lost quite a few pounds, but now it seems that he is getting back on his feet. Just recently, the talented Argentine presenter took part in an episode of the podcast “Wild Moss” directed by Luis Sal and Fedez. To this end, the showgirl answered a series of questions, one of which stood out from her, referring to her former historian Fabrizio Corona. Chiara Ferragni’s husband, in fact, once and for all asked Belén why the former king of paparazzi was so “obsessed” with him, to the point of almost daily posting stories on Instagram on his account, often and willingly teasing him or offending him.

Rodriguez responded with a hint of sarcasm: “Because you are more tattooed than him, he is envious. When I was engaged to him, I told him that he used to get his shopping list tattooed first. So at least he if he remembered her. He has tattooed whatever “. However, at another point in the chat, the conversation turned to a more intimate and private matter. Speaking of the difference between engagement and marriage, Belen confessed without too many words: “Initially there is a desire to do if ** or incredible. As the years go by it is very difficult to keep the bar high, so whoever manages to survive in this crazy world means that the juice is there anyway “.

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