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We know very well that Maelle is Antonella Clerici’s daughter. Here’s how she became the daughter of the superb Rai presenter today

From the union between Antonella Clerici and Eddy Martens she was born, the little one Maelle. How has it become today? What information do we know about you? They have passed well 13 years ever since little Maelle was born. More than once Antonella Clerici has immortalized various moments of daily life together with her daughter, in which she has shown how much the two love cooking together. That’s right, they share the same passion.

Antonella clerici daughter maelle today

For Antonella Clerici Maelle she is a fundamental part of her life, a little girl without whom nothing would make more sense. In fact, few are aware of the fact that, the presenter, she has had to do quite a few sacrifices to bring his own into the world eldest daughter.

Before her, Antonella Clerici, went through a very sad moment a situation in which she found herself faced with what is the greater pain for a mom. The loss of a child. Fortunately, after much treatment, she managed to fulfill her dream and become a mother of one beautiful little girl. Precisely Maelle.

Antonella Clerici’s daughter, Maelle, today is truly a splendor

Antonella clerici daughter maelle today

The presenter then fulfilled her dream at the age of 47, even if she does not hide that in the past it was almost surrendered. Fortunately, things went well for her. One of the things that has not yet been understood about the baby Maelleis what the his surname.

According to some, the girl took the surname of the mother while for others its full name is Maelle Martens. In fact, we also know that the father never refused to recognize his daughter. Hence, it is quite likely that the surname she bears is her own. But there is nothing certain as yet, this detail has never been made public. How did little Maelle become today?

Through the official profile of the mother Antonella Clericiyou can see many photos of the little girl of the house. Impossible not to notice the infinite similarity with both mother and father, a perfect mix that gave birth to abeautiful teenager.

He also inherited a characteristic feature of the mother, that is, his own beautiful curly hair. Although with a small difference, the of him are of an intense hazelnut color. In short, Maelle has become a real splendor, and we are sure that she will kill hearts.