Megan Fox criticized for her son Noah

All parents would like their children to grow up calm and happy, following their desires, their talents, their inclinations. Famous parents, however, always have to deal with haters and with the eyes of the press on them. As it happened for Megan Fox criticized for her son Noahbecause he was paparazzi around with his mom and brothers while he wore women’s clothing.

Clothes have no gender. They are garments to wear, not stereotypes to criticize. Megan Fox knows it well, who often intervened to defend her will to raise her children without all those taboos related to gender difference. They can wear anything they want, even if public opinion finds it a bad choice. And even if today there are still those who think that there are things for men and things for women.

Of course, there are items of clothing that have historically always been present in the women’s wardrobe or, vice versa, in the men’s wardrobe. But only because society has imposed these rules which today have no reason to exist. Like us women, for some time now, we have been “allowed” to wear pants that never appeared in her closet many decades ago, why can’t men do the same with garments that are usually thought to be exclusive to women? No object must have a gender: each of us can wear what he deems most appropriate.


The haters do not think so, who have decided to scream scandal by seeing photos of Megan Fox out for a walk with her three children. In particular, many have pointed the finger at Noah, the eldest son of the actress, who is the mother of three children from her marriage to actor Brian Austin Green whom she met on the set of Hope and Faith when she was 18 and he was 30. The two were married on June 24, 2019 in a private ceremony at the Four Seasons Resort on the island of Maui and from their love were born Noah Shannon Green (September 27, 2012), Bodhi Ransom Green (February 12, 2014) and Journey River Green. (August 4, 2016).

Megan Fox, who is now divorced from her husband and is officially engaged to rapper Machine Gun Kelly, always has to contend with those who criticize her for how she decided to raise her children.

Noah wore a long-sleeved pink sweatshirt, tie dye shorts, white sneakers, and a choker necklace. After the publication of these shots, the actress received a lot of criticism, because her son was dressed like a girl. While Megan is aware of all these criticisms, she has said over and over that she is determined to teach her children about her “to have self-confidence no matter what others say“.

Really a great woman.