Romina Carrisi absent at Today is Another Day: fans in alarm

The absence of Romina Carrisi from the program conducted by Serena Bortone does not go unnoticed Today is another day. At this point fans are seriously very worried, is it for health reasons? Isn’t the woman – maybe – all right? What happened to her?

The absence of is making a lot of noise Romina Carrisias part of the fixed cast of the show, from Today is another day. She was cut outside?

Today is another dayRomina Carrisi “the great absentee”

He has been part of the fixed cast of the very popular afternoon program of Rai 1 for a long time now Today is another dayled by the talented and shrewd Serena Bortonethe daughter of the singer from Cellino San Marco Albano Carrisi and her now only singing partner Romina Power, who responds to the same name as her mother, Romina. Therefore the absence of him in this transmission is making a lot of talk also on the Net.

It is – perhaps – due to health problems or problems born with the editorial staff or with Serena Bortonesplendid hostess of Mamma Rai’s afternoon appointment?

In excellent relations with Bortone

During an interview some time ago given to TvBlog, Romina Carrisi spoke freely about his experience on the program. This is his statement: “The proposal for Today is another day it came while I was writing a screenplay for a movie. I liked Serena’s program and it was compatible with my other commitment. I accepted, but initially it had to be only five episodes. Then I liked them, I liked them, and so I stopped“.

It is therefore more eloquent than ever that – contrary to what perhaps most feared – his momentary absence from the transmission it is not due to problems related to the its relationship with the production or hostso he is absent because he has some other commitment or because he is not well?

She’s fine, she just took a “break in the snow”

Here comes the answer to question that is gripping the hearts of his fans so muchincluding-clearly- those of the first hour on his absence from the Rai 1 program from some Stories published on the official profile of Romina, which she expertly managed.

In practice, the girl allowed herself a few days of relaxation in the snow, a Cortina d’Ampezzo, in Veneto. In some images we can admire her happy in the company of friends or while skiing.

And after this break, she will be very ready to return to TV, together with the splendid one Serena Bortone.