Romina Carrisi, the truth about the new love leaves Al Bano speechless

The daughter of Al Bano and Romina Power, Romina Carrisi, was spotted in the company of her boyfriend on the Lazio seafront: who is he?

For some time, pink magazines have been looking for a possible flirt with Romina Carrisi. The youngest daughter of Al Bano and Romina, in fact, has been single for a long time and for all the time in which she has not been seen accompanied, as always happens in these cases, several alleged relationships have been attributed to her. The latest indiscretion in chronological order was that of her alleged relationship with the actor Emanuele Caserio.

Romina Carrisi The two are often guests of Serena Bortone to ‘Today is another day’ and some time ago they showed a video on social media in which they exchanged a kiss on the lips. The two were at Romina’s house and were having dinner with the other regular guests of the show. Obviously the scene was followed by headlines and articles in which they tried to understand if that kiss was simply a game or if it hides something more.

After a few days the issue completely deflated and there was no more talk of Romina Carrisi’s private life. In a recent interview granted to ‘Diva and Donna‘, the girl had explained that her being single depended on her being demanding in terms of men: “In a man I look for a sense of humor and intelligence, I am too demanding, I realize that”.

Romina Carrisi in the company of the new flame: who is the companion of Al Bano’s daughter

Just the weekly ‘Diva e Donna’, in this week’s issue, caught Romina in sweet company on the Lazio coast. The girl came to the Puntarossa restaurant from Renatone, a Maccarese, accompanied by a grizzled man. The restaurant is owned by the chef Renato Salvatori (an old television acquaintance as he is sometimes a guest of La Prova del Cuoco) and is a favorite of Lazio VIPs, Luca Zingaretti and Luisa Ranieri have also often been spotted here.

Lunch went great, the couple ate, laughed, joked and the chemistry was evident. During the meal they often exchanged languid glances and between one dish and another they indulged caresses, Hugs And a few kisses. There is no doubt therefore that between them there is something more than a simple friendship, but who is the mysterious companion? According to what the weekly reports, he is a 52-year-old Rai employee, but at the moment we do not know his name or what his job is in the state-owned company.