sensational twist on the Island of the Famous

Island of the Famous, Ilary Blasi drops a sensational bomb. Unexpected twist in the famous survival reality show: she “she is pregnant”. This is what is happening in Honduras.

Ilary Blasi
Ilary Blasi –

Francesco Totti’s wife leaves everyone speechless and throws an unexpected scoop: Is anyone pregnant on the Island of the Famous? Let’s find out what is happening on the beaches of Honduras.

Twist on the Island of the Famous

The 2022 edition ofIsland of the Famous is thrilling the minds of the spectators who follow the double date with the famous survival reality show, with great curiosity.

Island of the Famous
Island of the Famous –

The credit is certainly of Ilary Blasi which turned out to live up to expectations and the cast of castaways which this year particularly likes. The dynamics they have been able to build, despite having arrived in Honduras only a few weeks ago, intrigued the public, and not a little.

The weekly viewing figures are like this positive that Mediaset has decided to reward the loyalty of the public with good news: the Island of the Famous will extend its duration. Five more episodes have been added to those already planned and the final, instead of being held on May 23, will be held on June 27.

In short, a truly unexpected success for Francesco Totti’s wife. About Ilary Blasiyou have seen that bomb dropped the conductor of the island? Nobody expected it.

Ilary Blasi drops an unprecedented bomb

Ilary Blasi is the undisputed queen of the 2022 edition of the Island of the Famous. With her sunshine and irony, accompanied by commentators Vladimir Luxuria and Nicola Savinokeeps viewers company every week with the famous survival reality show.

Nicola Savino, Ilary Blasi and Vladimir Luxuria
Nicola Savino, Ilary Blasi and Vladimir Luxuria –

Just her got off the hookduring the last live broadcast of the island, an unprecedented bomb. Did you see what she said? Viewers were able to watch in the ninth episode of the well-known survival game, atelimination of Jeremias Rodriguez.

Jeremias Rodriguez
Jeremias Rodriguez –

The brother of the Argentine Belen, did not want to allow himself the opportunity to stay on playa sgamada and has decided to return to Italy. But, before finally saying goodbye to the beach that hosted him for several weeks, he said:

β€œI am very sure to return to Italy. I will have wonderful news to tell you when I return “.

Gustavo Rodriguez’s son thus aroused the curiosity of viewers but above all of the presenter who, in an ironic way, declared:

β€œIs anyone pregnant on the beach? No, because … what do I know. She’s running away! “

Francesco Totti’s wife, funny as always, aroused the laughter of the audience in the studio but also of opinion makers. In any case, the web quivers with curiosity: what is the wonderful news that Jeremias Rodriguez has to communicate?

What happened in Honduras that escaped the prying eye of the cameras? Viewers can’t wait for the brother of the more famous Belen to return to Italy to be a guest in the studio and finally tell about this happy news that is keeping everyone on their toes.